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This Translator is still beta version. Supports more then 100 Languages. Please wait few seconds for each translation.

Are you familiar with the language of Italy, France, Deutschland, American English, Bulgaria, Turkey, Switzerland, Pakistan, Portuguese or any other ? Do you know that it is a romantic language? Mainly, Italian is the native language of these countries. But it is also the language used in Switzerland and other countries. If you are interested in learning this language, don’t worry. There are several free dictionaries that you can find online to help you learn the language better.

But if you want a reliable language reference, then, you should take advantage of this unique text translator called “Bablefish”. You can download this online and it is suitable for Windows so you are sure that you can use it with ease.

Learning any Language and being able to translate the terms in English is now made easy by means of this dictionary. There is really no hassle in downloading this application for it is offered for free. With regards to the features, this application showcases a wide variety of features that are especially designed to help you understand English or any other language. It is composed of different words and phrases ranging from a wide array of subjects, whether it is in Medicine, Religion, Business, and many others. In addition, it also offers you a huge database of words to widen your vocabulary and knowledge in both languages. You can even practice speaking the language on the internet if you want to.

Our Online Software works in both ways. That means you can translate text from any language in your choice.

This is a free plugin for online translation. Good alternative of Babelfish and Babylon.